UAE Embassy Attestation

UAE Embassy Attestation

It is a procedure of legalizing all the documents that are to be used in UAE from Embassy of UAE. There are different ways of attaining the attestation in case of educational and non-educational documents.
What is the benefit of UAE Embassy Attestation?

There are many benefits of UAE Embassy attestation and most people from third world countries go there in search of work or for a better lifestyle. Hence, below are some of the benefits of UAE Embassy Attestation.

  • It helps in getting admission to schools in UAE and get equivalent certificates for your child.
  • It is beneficial for the ones who want to pursue their higher studies.
  • It helps in getting employment visa and thus increases work opportunities open up in UAE.
  • It gives you upper hand in your plans of settling in UAE by obtaining residence visa for yourself and your family.

  • How the documents can be submitted?
    An individual can submit their own document and also they can submit the documents on behalf of their blood relatives along with identity proof and relation proof. There are many approved UAE Embassy attestation centers, through which the documents can also be submitted and rest is taken care by the centers. Ours is one of them and we take care of all your needs providing you amazing service and with prompt effectiveness for UAE Embassy attestation

    What is the procedure of attestation?
    There are different procedures followed for educational and non-educational attestation.

    Educational Attestation - If the documents to be attested are educational the following pattern is followed:-

  • It needs to be first of all attested by Education Ministry of particular state of Residence
  • It is followed by an attestation by Consular Section of Ministry of External Affairs. New Delhi.
  • The final attestation is made by Embassy of UAE in New Delhi

  • Non-Educational Attestation - It includes documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, work Experiences, various affidavits and other commercial documents. The attestation of these documents follows the following procedure:-

  • The document first needs to be notarized and attested by the Ministry of External affairs, New Delhi.
  • It is followed by the attestation by the UAE Embassy in New Delhi.

  • There are different types of documents and all needs to be attested for leaving to UAE. There is certain fee for all document attestation from Embassy, which is different for personal document attestation and all different for attestation of commercial documents for UAE Embassy attestation.

    We provide you reliable and impeccable service of document attestation and value your trust on us. All certificates and documents are safe and secured if laminated will be taken care properly and sent back to you re - laminated with the attestation. We value your time and your money and believe in providing quality service. The moment you plan to get your documents attested by UAE Embassy, we are at your service.