Passport Emigration

Passport Emigration

These are a class of Indian identification holders which are stamped as ECR. According to the Indian Government Emigration Act, 1983, these identification holder need to look for consent from Protector of Emigrants (POE), Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs for making a trip to 18 nations given underneath.

Rundown of 18 Countries where you have to take a freedom before your travel if your international ID is ECR

  • Afghanistan
  • Bahrain
  • Brunei
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq (migration banned)
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Thailand
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Yemen

    Worldwide movement is an essential measurement affecting monetary relations between the created and creating nations. Remembering this, the Emigration Policy Division of the Ministry was built up in March 2006 to encourage and enable the wanderers from India. This Division manages all strategy matters identifying with resettlement of specialists from India. Its key obligations include:
  • Formulation of strategies for enhancing Emigration Management
  • Proposing authoritative changes
  • Implementing resettlement changes (counting institutional changes and e-Governance)
  • Formulation of welfare plans for displaced people
  • Promoting reciprocal and multilateral co-operation in worldwide relocation

    The Indian displaced person (other than the cubicle specialist) is genuinely powerless against misuse and is oblivious of pertinent laws and methods. The high cost of movement and in addition the approach of confinement by host nations further diminishes the emigrational advantages to the specialist. Hence, the Ministry is seeking after a proactive approach to change the migration framework and enable the displaced people through systemic intercessions at the national, reciprocal and additionally multilateral fronts.

  • The different steps taken by the Ministry to change the resettlement framework and engage the Emigrants are:
  • Drafting of new Emigration enactment to supplant the Emigration Act, 1983.
  • Proposals for marking MOUs with the Gulf nations
  • Schemes for expertise up degree and pre-flight introduction of potential displaced people
  • Building up a system for completing nearby welfare measures
  • Setting up Overseas Indian Centres to facilitate nearby welfare
  • Replicate the best practices of different nations like Philippines in the territory of traveler welfare
  • Revamping the enrollment framework to make it more expert and responsible
  • Establishment of Council for Overseas Employment to exhort the Government on abroad livelihood matters and to create methodologies and great practices immigration management through research and studies.