Saudi Embassy Attestation

Saudi Embassy Attestation

It is very important to get all your documents attested by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia before you leave the country for legalising them and for their legal usage in Saudi Arabia. It gives you many benefits and lets you avail privilege like a citizen.

What are the benefits of Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation?
There are many benefits of getting your documents attested by Saudi Arabia Embassy and below are the benefits:-

  • It helps you in getting an employment visa and also brings to you ample job opportunities.
  • It is important if there is a change in your designation and also change in your salary structure.
  • It helps you in getting residence visa for yourself along with visa for your family, spouse and kids.
  • It helps you in pursuing higher education
  • It will help you in getting your kids admitted to Saudi Arabia based schools.
  • With attestation you can give power of attorney and also get death benefits.
  • It will help you in getting all health benefits.

  • How to submit the documents?
    In Saudi Arabia Embassy, the documents for attestation purpose cannot be submitted directly by applicant but needs to be submitted by any approved agency. We are one of the most reliable and convenient service providers who will take care of all your Embassy Attestation needs, with safe and sound experience.

    What is the procedure of Embassy attestation?
    Educational documents - Below are the procedure for attesting educational documents.
    In case of educational documents, the Embassy will not attest any documents for any distance or correspondence course and neither will attest document for diploma and private learning. All the documents need to be attested by the HRD ministry first.

  • The documents are needed to be attested by Human Resource Development Ministry of the state of where the document was issued.
  • The second attestation needs to be done by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • The last attestation after everything is checked is done by Saudi Arabia Embassy, New Delhi.

  • Non - Educational documents - Below are the procedures for attesting non educational documents
    If it is an employment offer it must be attested by Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with educational certificates.
    If the attestation is required for medical purpose, it is to contain a letter from Medical Attache of Embassy and if it is required for defence purpose, a letter of confirmation from Military attach of Embassy is required.

  • The document needs to be first attested by Home Department of the respective state.
  • The second attestation needs to be done by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • The final and last attestation is made by Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi.

  • The attestations of documents by the Embassy apply standard charges as set by them, which are required to be deposited at the time documents are forwarded. We are her to help you with best, smooth and reliable service of Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation. We assure to keep your documents safe and protected.