Egypt Embassy Attestation

Egypt Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is a process by which all your documents are legalised for use in Egypt after being attested from Embassy of Egypt, New Delhi. It is very important to get all your documents attested as that it can be used legally.
What are the benefits of Egypt Embassy Attestation?
There are many benefits of attesting the documents apart from only legalising them: -

  • It helps you in getting employment visa and thus ample of job opportunity.
  • It is required if you have a hierarchy change with salary change or if you plan to change your job.
  • It helps you in getting resident visa and also visa for your family.
  • It allows you in pursuing higher education.
  • It helps you in getting your kids admitted to Egypt schools.
  • It also gives you death benefits, medical benefits and also gives you the right of power of attorney.

  • How to submit the documents?
    The process is little time consuming and to save you from running around and for more organised procedure, the documents can be submitted through approved agents by the Embassy or MEA. All you need to do is submit us the required documents along with the standard fees and relax; we will get all your attestation work from Embassy of Egypt, New Delhi done.

    What is the procedure of Embassy attestation?
    There are different types of documents which require attestation and process may slightly vary according to the document type:-

    Educational documents - Below are the procedures for attesting educational documents.
  • The document first needs to be attested by the Human Resource Department from the state where the documents were issued.
  • The second attestation is done by Ministry of External affairs, New Delhi.
  • The last attestation is done by Embassy of Egypt, New Delhi after the other two attestations are done.

  • Non-Educational documents - Below are the procedures for attesting non educational documents
  • The personal documents like experience certificates, birth certificates, power of attorney, transfer certificates, transcript certificates etc are first of all attested by the Home Department. The process is followed by the second attestation made by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi and the last attestation is made by Embassy of Egypt, New Delhi.
  • The commercial documents like business agreement, business patent, certificate of origin, NOC, income tax certificate, Government approval letters, sales tax certificate etc are first attested by Chamber of Commerce, which is followed by attestation by Ministry of External Affairs , New Delhi and the last attestation is made by Egypt Embassy, New Delhi.

  • Attestation by Embassy is a very important step for authentication of documents and it needs to be done through reliable, efficient and affordable source which is us. We provide best services at very minimal cost and also keep your documents safe, secured and without any damage. A standard fee is applied for each attestation by the Embassy of Egypt which needs to be submitted along with the documents.